Securing your business or home requires more than just locks. You need to know different kinds of locks and where to use them. Each lock is ideal for a specific place of use and function. If you are wondering how you will know them, this article will help you know the different types of locks and where to use them. Once you know the locks and what you can secure using them, it will become easier for you to choose what you need. Let’s get started.


Padlocks are the most available kind of locks available today. However, they don’t secure your home or business 100 percent, but they offer some level of protection. They have different features and come in different sizes, colors, and models. In addition to this, padlocks can be used almost everywhere. Best place to use them include:

Cabinets: most people secure their cabinets using padlocks. They tend to be reliable and will keep your lock safe.

Gates: homeowners and business owners use padlock as a practical solution to insecurity.

Doors: in some places, you can kind a house locked using a padlock. Although these may not be the best way to protect your home, it certainly better than nothing.

Cam locks

Cam locks counter-clockwise, or clockwise between 90 to 180 degrees. You can find them in different locking mechanisms and lengths. Best place to use them include mailboxes, filing cabinets, and low-security areas.
The Lever handle locks

The Lever handle locks suits the commercial setting where. The locks allow you to upgrade your locks and protect your business. Best place to use these locks is in interior doors.


In most homes and commercial buildings, you will find deadbolts. The locks are designed to prevent anyone who is trying to break into the building. It’s meant for external doors because it makes them more secure. Deadbolts secure your properties from burglars and intruders.

Mortise locks

Mortise looks or RIM locks vary based on hardware. They are commonly used in places like entry doors with glass, commercial doors, and apartment doors.

Interchangeable core (IC) Cylinder

The IC cylinder helps keep your home secure even when you change your locks frequently. Locksmiths can re-key them. The locks also offer a higher level of security than any standard locks. You can also regulate the number of people who access your home or business at the same time keeping unauthorized people out.