Insured Locksmith

locksmithInsurance matters in the locksmith business!

Are you looking for an insured locksmith in San Diego? You should be because hiring a locksmith business that is not insured can cost you time and money in the long-run. Are you willing to risk your hard earned money to chance by hiring a “less than professional locksmith services”? Don’t do it!

An insured locksmith that covers up $2,000,000.

We carry insurance coverage for our locksmith business for up to $2,000,000. This includes all labor and any mishaps to your property so that you can feel rest assured that in the unlikely event of damage to your property you will be coverage financially. This is great news for you because there is no risk involved when hiring our insured locksmith services in San Diego.

Even better, we are also a certified locksmith!

Be sure to visit our certified locksmith page to learn more how our locksmith is different/better than the competition. We cover all bases so that our locksmith business is guaranteed to provide the upmost professional locksmith services that are up to standards as provided by locksmith certification programs.