Getting locked out of the house without an accessible spare key is heart wrenching. You wish you had left a spare with a neighbor or in a secret hideaway but there is no time to dwell on should have’s and could have’s. Here are some solutions:

1. Use a Credit Card:
Ok well maybe not your credit card, a hard-laminated call card if you have one in your wallet. If you don’t have any, then use a bank card or credit card which you can easily get a replacement for. Don’t be tempted to use your ID card. If the door has a deadbolt, then you can forget this option. Slowly inset the card between the door and the doorframe, slide and wiggle the card down to where the lock is and try forcing the card between the bolt and the door while jiggling on the doorknob. I have done this several times with my bedroom door and it worked. It just need a little patience and persistence. I keep an old hotel key card in my wallet just for this purpose.

2. Alternate means of Entry:
Take a walk around the house and search for open windows or doors. Chances are that windows would be easier to open. If you can’t find any that is open, see if there is a way to remove it from the window sill. I had the old type glass louvres in my back porch which could easily slide out from its bracket once you bent its track open.Doggy doors are another alternative, that is, if you could manage to fit yourself through, but first you would have to have had one installed in the first place.

3. Neighbors
There isn’t any harm in asking for help. Call over a neighbor to see if they could help figure out how to get you inside the house. Usually, I would let them figure it out or ask to borrow a tool box. You can use the tools to try to remove the lock from the door or the door from its hinges. If you don’t want to cause damage to your door, you can always try a window. If you have a chimney, borrow a ladder and rope and you can attempt to play Santa Claus or maybe a Chimney Sweep. If you do get a ladder though, you can check for open windows on the top floors as well.

4. Call a Locksmith
This would seem as the most expensive option but you don’t have a choice in this matter. Serves you right for having such a secured house that not even you could get in. Just kidding! Locksmiths are trained to open locks so obviously s/he would be able to help you get inside and you don’t have to worry about destroying your door and then having to call a locksmith to fix it for you!

5. Pick the Lock
I would not even attempt to give advice on this but it is an option if you know what you are doing. You can google it, after all, you are home so your wifi should be accessible! But it is best to hire a locksmith service because they will not break the lock and do it best.