If you are ever concerned about the security of your home, then you might want to consider upgrading your locks. These days security is more important than before and many local companies are offering top of the line locks for homes.

We’re talking about locks that are meant to be for businesses rather than residential homes.

All the same, there are some distinct benefits to going down this route. Here’s some to consider.

Lower Costs

For residential houses a ANSI Grade 3 is all that is necessary for a residential home. This is the lowest grade of lock but that doesn’t mean that it’s garbage. These grades are set by the American National Standards Institute (aka ANSI) and a Grade 3 meets their requirements for a secure lock. That being said, these locks are graded by their longevity as well as durability. Grade 1 locks, which most businesses have, last much longer which means the less times they need to replace the locks.


A lot of locks these days are customizable to suit your needs. This makes sense since these top grade security locks are geared towards businesses who use locks for all kinds of purposes. These perks can also be yours too.

Rekey Capabilities

A lot of high grade locks have the rekey feature which allows you to reset locks. This ensures that if a key ever gets stolen or lost, you can change the locking system to deny the stolen key while everyone one can still use their key uninterrupted. This also applies to master keys as well.

Tracking Keys

With technology advancements, it is now possible for us to track where are keys are through cloud-based key tracking software in some situations. If you have an electronic door, this particular feature may well be in it.

In essence, this allows the administrators of the key system to keep track of where each and every key. From this system you can track the location but also where these keys can actually be used if you have multiple entry points with different locks.

What is also nice with this system is that since each key is specialized, the key can’t be duplicated. After all it’ll come up on the system as two of the same key.

Ensures Security

Naturally all of these features above amongst many others offer nothing but the best type of security there is. All of these systems work exceptionally well together to ensure that it’ll be difficult for people to break into your home. Furthermore, having these high grade systems in place ensures that you and your family members all work and communicate with each other.


Security is obviously an important thing, but it doesn’t need to be extremely expensive in order to get it. On the market, it’s conceivable to spend a few hundred dollars on a quality lock system and the savings will be earned throughout the life of the system. While that’s happening, you are guaranteed high security and a quality system to maintain it. Just be sure to hire a professional locksmith to assist you to insure maximum satisfaction.