The automotive locksmiths are the ones who provide services for clients who were locked out from their cars. They might have lost their car keys or just misplaced them. However, clients often seek automotive locksmiths because it is an emergency.

The following are some of the ways on how locksmiths can open locked cars.

1. Reprogramming

In the 21st century, most cars do not use keys and locks anymore. There are keyless systems that are programmed into most cars nowadays. There are a lot of ways for cars to be unlocked without inflicting damage on the doors. Great locksmiths have the right tools to reprogram a locked car.

2. Re-flashing immobilizers

An immobilizer is a kind of thief-deterrent that are commonly installed on cars. Immobilizers are the ones who prevent thieves from starting a car that they are trying to steal. Sometimes, immobilizers can be defective. The cars won’t start even if the keys are being used. Great locksmiths can fix immobilizers and can start the car again without any problems.

3. Broken Extractor for Keys

There are occasions where the keys get damage and can’t be removed from the extractor. In this cases, expert locksmiths often use a kind of device called a door handle clip tool that can remove the keys without any damage to the hole. The vehicle can also be unlocked by the door handle clip device.

4. Mechanical Code Key Cutting

This uses modern technology that allows a keyless entry to the vehicles. If the automotive is a lock, a VATS passkey decoder can be used to unlock it. This mainly determines the resistant value of an automotive without getting a key duplicate.

5. Slim Jim

The primary tool that is common to auto locksmiths is the Slim Jim. The Slim Jim is inserted into the inner panel of the door between the weather stripping and the glass window in order to unlock the car without a key. This can be a simple process to inexperienced onlookers. However, this requires experience, training, and the proper knowledge so that the airbags won’t be damaged.

Car or automotive locksmiths must have enough experience in order to leave the car unscathed during the unlocking process. You should choose a trusted locksmith to unlock your car or any of your property. Read reviews, customer feedback or opinions of your family and friends about a particular locksmith in order to make sure that you will are safe.

Most important of all, if you call someone in the dead of the night in order to unlock your automobile, you have to make sure that you are accompanied by someone you trust. If you are at work and got locked out on the parking lot, get a security over. Call your friends and family in order to let them know what happened. A great locksmith should make you feel safe all the time and they won’t try to scam you. Most of all, they deliver their promised service to your satisfaction.