When considering the security of your home or business, it is important to know the common types of locks available to choose from. You may opt for simpler security locks if you have an alarm system in place or heavier security locks for that extra security.

locksmith san diegoKnob locks – The most popular residential lock.

The first type of security lock is the knob lock. You will find knobs that have an installed turnkey for the outside. On the inside of the door is a knob that is merely turned to unlock the door. You can choose to buy knob locks that have both the turnkey and add an additional lock on the door it that allows you to use a key. There are many other types of locks to use in addition to these because with a hammer or heavy metal, it can easily be broken.

Security door chain – Added security to your front door.

Another type of security lock you can choose from is the security door chain. This is a chain that is attached to the door frame and runs on a little track to lock and unlock the door. It is advisable to use additional locks aside from the door chain because with adequate force, this chain can be broken and intruders can come in.

Lever handle locks – Found on many commercial applications.

There are lever-handle locks which are usually locked on the inside. It does not require a key from the inside and one merely needs to turn the lever to lock the door. There are variations that have an option to use a key to lock. This is yet another type of security lock that can be broken with the right amount of force and it is best used with an alternative type of door lock.

San Diego Residential LocksmithDeadbolt locks – High security in a small package.

The deadbolt lock is becoming commonplace in most homes. This is a bolt that fits into the door jam and is usually operated by a knob on the inside and a key on the outside. There are double deadlocks as well as captive deadlocks. The latter have a hidden thumb turn on the inside of the lock. Each of these must be used with an additional lock or alarm system.

Keyless locks – The way of the future.

A type of lock that is now in the market is the keyless locks. These are locks that are controlled by inputting a PIN or password into the keypad on the lock. These security locks also use a special card to unlock them. These are actually electronic deadbolt locks.

Security locks are well worth the small investment in time and money.

When choosing a security lock, you must think of the budget you have for this project. You must also consider if there is an expert locksmith to work on installing the lock system. You must also make sure that the lock system selected is easy to use and of good quality. Invest in a well known brand and purchase from a well known security firm or hardware store where you can go back to in case of defective locks. Choosing a security lock in the end depends on the user.

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