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What kind of garage door installation service do you need today? We will help you.

Garage door installation is what we do best (alongside of our reputable locksmith services). Keeping your business and family safe for nearly a decade.

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Garage door installers with years of experience that you trust to install your garage door right.

Throughout the years offering garage door installation services we have come across some less than professional garage door installation services (to say the least). Whether it was using the incorrect components or just plain laziness here at Prestige Locksmith we have seen it all when it comes to garage door installation.



The security of your home is paramount. Are you willing to place the security of your home in the hands of a novice garage door installation company?

Garage door installed on a nice house.Crime reports indicate that one of the leading causes of entry into a home is through a vulnerable garage door. As part of Prestige Locksmith’s dedication to the people of San Diego we provide our garage door installation services at fair prices. Let the security experts here at Prestige Locksmith be your choice when securing your home or business.

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Access to all the right tools, parts and expertise.

Since we specialize in garage door installation services you can count on our expertise knowing that we use the correct tools and parts on every job that perform. The right formula to provide you with premium garage door installation services that will not break the bank.

Garage door opener installation for much less than the competition.

Opener for garage doorWe have done our research in the San Diego market for garage door opener installation and we know the prices and level of quality offered by our competition. Our garage door opener installation prices are generally about 15% less than what the nearest competition offers, but there is no equal when it comes to our level of quality. Our attention to detail and experience is unmatched!

Our garage door installation service is open 7 days a week to best serve you.

We are open 7 days a week to provide you with a free quote of our garage door installation services. Contact us now by filling out the contact us form here or by calling us directly at (858)353-7430. We are always happy to assist you with all of your needs.