Locksmiths always know what type of burglaries appear and how locks are forced all the time, so if you want to find out a great way in regards to how you can stop home intrusions, it’s crucial to talk with a locksmith directly and to hire one to perform a home security audit. Within the home security audit you will learn several things about your home to improve its security.


locksmithsandiegoYou will need to decorate the outdoor area with lighting and at the same time you will need to trim back bushes and trees in order to limit the hiding sports for a potential thief. On top of that, removing clutter or junk is also crucial, as it will make the entire premise easier to survey and the results will be more than impressive this way. Adding in some no trespassing or similar signs is a good idea, as this might bring you a great set of results.


Always try to close the curtains and blinds, because you don’t want anyone to spy inside your home. If you go away from home for a little bit, lock the windows and purchase dowels as this is very important. Working with a locksmith and removing or replacing the lock mechanism is very important, but also remember to limit access to windows simply by locking up maintenance ladders, tools and chairs among many others. This is crucial if you want to be certain that your windows are safe and suitable for protecting you against any intrusion that might appear!


The door needs to have a deadbolt added properly as this will increase safety. At the same time, you will need to be certain that the door jamb has long screws. Replacing the screen doors can be a very good idea, and at the same time you can also get some glass sliding doors which are quite useful if you want to slow down the culprit.

Key control

Never give keys to strangers or even the neighbors.On top of that, a good idea is to always ensure that you don’t leave the house keys unattended. You should also think about the fact that leaving your keys with others can lead to some drastic consequences. This is why taking them with you and placing them in a safe location is truly important.

Home security audits provide you with results!

In conclusion, locksmith services do know a lot about home security audits, so if you do need quality results, a very good idea is to so check it out. Sure, it will take some time here and there until you get work done the right way, but at the end of the day it’s the entire experience that will showcase amazing potential, it all comes down to taking these ideas and implement them properly. Do that, and the outcome will be great in the end!