I wanted to speak a little how I built my San Diego locksmith was able to grow from a small one van operation into what it is today.

In the beginning I had a lot of obstacles to conquer. Starting from scratch takes a lot of work. But I knew this from the start and took all of the measures needed to grow my locksmith business in San Diego.

What I did to become a top locksmith in San Diego California:

Always open

Being open 24 hours a day is important in this industry, especially in San Diego. Much of our calls that we receive in our locksmith business come in after midnight. And it seems these calls are always the most in need of our services. And that is understandable.

Professional vans

Having professional vans makes all the difference. Image is everything is business and when our locksmith van rolls up at your location you will notice colorful graphics of our logo on the side. This makes the customer more comfortable. Also, this is the best way to make your business appear even more professional.

Trained technicians

We made it to the top by only hiring trained and educated locksmith technicians. We pay them better and they always work out in the longrun. The technicians that we have hired in our business become a part of our locksmith family here at Prestige Locksmith. And hopefully a part of your family too.

Right advertising

We started out with social media from the start. We have built our Facebook page. We have a wonderfully designed website. And we also continue to diversify our marketing channels. Whether it is Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or others, we are there almost on a daily bases. Try doing a little social media for only one hour a day. See the difference in your customer retention.

Customer service

Last but should be at the top of the list is customer service. Customer service means having top customer service in all departments of your small business. From the lady that we have hired to answer our phone, technicians, to the advertising professionals that we hire, we only provide professional customer service. That is what makes Prestige Locksmith in San Diego great!