Getting a broken key out of a lock may seem like an impossible task for many. After all, there are few sounds that are more disheartening than hearing that telltale ‘click’ when they key has snapped off inside of a lock. Fortunately, we are here to provide you with a handy guide that allows you to remove broken keys from your locks with a minimal amount of effort.

Avoid The Urge To Use The Remainder of the Key

This logic may make sense to some. If the key is broken off inside of the lock, surely we can insert the remainder of the key and all will be well, right? Not only is the wrong point of view to take but it ignores the likelihood of wedging the broken piece in even further. This is one of the worst possible methods that could be deployed and you must avoid this urge at all costs.

Purchasing The Proper Tools

Did you know that there are broken key extractor tools that are available to the general public? While it never hurts to call a locksmith in these instances, having the correct tools on hand can save you a small fortune and a great deal of time. These tools are easy to use and can be utilized by any home or business owner of any skill level.

Using Tweezers

Removing a broken key from a lock may seem difficult but with the proper size tweezers? This task is made simple. If the key wedged itself too far inside of the lock when it broke, using tweezers may not be the best idea. Take a closer look at the lock first. Is the broken piece of key still visible? If so, it may be able to be fetched with tweezers? If not, tread lightly.


Hacks like these require a bit of finesse. There are too many home and business owners who attempt to use this hack and find themselves dealing with an immense amount of frustration when the broken key is only pushed in further. If the key can be reached with a match, this is a sign that glue may be successful. If not, you may be causing more problems than you are fixing.

Contact The Professionals!

When all else fails, it is time to pick up the phone and contact the professionals. They will have all of the tools at their disposal that are needed to restore your lock to normalcy. Some may decide that they would rather remove the lock on their own to see if they can dislodge the key with blunt force. If every other option has failed, this is a sure sign that the assistance of the professionals is needed to remove the broken key.