Auto cars today are fitted with a push to start ignition system that doesn’t require a key. The engine is started by a push button and the proximity fob is used to open and lock the car doors. If you have this type of a car, it is good to be safe and get a spare fob.

Automotive locksmiths are the best to make one for you instead of paying an inflated price from the local dealership for the same.
When getting a proximity fob, make sure you get an automotive locksmith who is fully insured, registered and certified. An auto locksmith provides you with affordable and easy ways to acquire keyless remotes for your car.

The proximity fob uses a
short range radio transmitter. It sends an encoded radio frequency signal to the receiver inside the car which automatically opens or locks the doors. The signal connects with the receiver through multiple antennas when the car and the remote fob are within 25 feet. The range and distance however depends on the make and model of the vehicle.

Sometimes, the battery in the car remote can die and you are in a hurry to unlock the car. The battery doesn’t have the power to transmit the signal to the receiver in the car so using the keyless entry becomes impossible. If this happens, some manufacturers have small metal key shafts in the proximity fob that can manually unlock the car doors. Read through the owner’s manual to understand how this emergency backup system works in case the proximity fob stopped working.

You can have the emergency backup system and still get locked out of your car. To avoid this and many other similar situations, get an auto locksmith to make you an extra car remote fob. If you need any help or repairs for the push to start system, calling a locksmith puts an end to your misery. It can be quite frustrating having the proximity remote fob and it’s not working or the fob has suddenly stopped working without any warning. You frantically try to get in the car with no success. In this situation, get an auto locksmith and all your frustrations will be gone.

Get professional auto locksmith services with the best pricing. Fully certified and insured to handle all your locksmith needs as fast as possible.