locksmith san diegoHomeowners are increasingly embracing keyless locks. Earlier on, only the commercial sector used keyless locks. Having a keyless lock saves you the trouble of using a traditional key to get into your house or your business premises. Modern technology has made things much easier because you do not have to spend a few minutes on your front door trying to get the key. In addition, you do not have to spend time looking for misplaced keys. Nonetheless, everything has benefits and setback, and keyless locks are no exception.

Benefits of the Keyless Locks

The most significant benefits of a keyless lock are the convenience. You do not have to waste time ransacking your bag or your pocket trying to find the key. You simply punch in the code, or you scan your card or fob and the door opens. It is as easy as that. In addition, you do not have to worry about misplacing your keys and worrying about the keys falling into the wrong hands.

Secondly, keyless locks offer protection because it is easy to get to safety if you are in danger. You simply key in the code, and you do not have to spend time trying to find the key. In this regard, a key les lock can be a lifesaver. Moreover, traditional keys are susceptible to copying. Burglars can take advantage of neglected keys and make copies within a short time. A keyless lock eliminates the chances of someone gaining unauthorized access to your home or business.

The keyless lock is fool proof. You will not find yourself stranded when you lock yourself outside, and the key is inside the house or office. In addition, you will not find yourself locked out of your car with the engine running. A keyless lock saves you those frustrating moments because you do not need a traditional key in the first place.

Most importantly, keyless lock system provides you with security update of your house or business. You can monitor who is getting in and who is leaving. In most cases, you can control the keyless lock remotely, and, therefore, you can let someone in or out of the house even when you are not around.

The Setbacks of Keyless Locks

Keyless locks can be a disappointment in case of emergency. If you forget the lock combination, you cannot access the house or business. In case of such an event, you need the services of a locksmith to reconfigure your lock. Furthermore, an intruder can guess the code combination and gain access of your house or business premises with ease. Therefore, you should use an unrelated combination that an intruder can hardly guess.

Keyless locks are electronic locks, and it can be greatly inconveniencing when there is a power outage. Keyless locks rely of power to function, and if the power goes out, the system collapses too. You should have a battery backup to prevent the inconvenience that can arise in case of such an occurrence. Call your local locksmith today to learn more!