locksAre you interested in purchasing new locks for your home? Perhaps you have always had a fascination with the working intricacies of residential locks? Then this blog article about locks is for you!

From the mid-evil days, to the industrial work, and the modern world of today, there have always been locks to secure valuables. Whether it is the front door lock, padlocks or deadbolt locks, locks have played an essential part in the history of the world.

List of the top 10 most common types of locks:

Deadbolt lock:

We all know the padlock. The padlock is the most common type of lock in the United States. The padlock can be found on many exterior doors. This type of lock is choosing for its high security, ease of installation, low cost and working functionality. A favorite of American home owners.

Knob lock:

The knob lock is common on the exteriors of doors. Often it is supplemented with a deadbolt lock for added protection. This type of locks is also commonly found on interior door for added protection on the inside of a home.

Lever handle lock:

The lever handle lock is found mostly on commercial applications. This type of lock can be found on some residential applications though. The lever handle lock is erganomical, looks nice and is secure. A favorite of apartment complex’s, pool gates, and out buildings.

Euro profile cylinder:

As the name suggests the euro profile cylinder is commonly found in residential and commercial properties all across Europe. This type of lock can be seen on sliding glass doors in America. Its compact design features makes it a great choice for tight spaces.

Furniture lock:

Furniture locks can be found in hospitals and businesses everywhere. Furniture locks insure that the important items stored within cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons. A wonderful option for if you have children.

Jimmy proof deadbolt:

The Jimmy proof deadbolt lock has been around for a long time. The first designs can be dated back to the middle 1800’s. Because of its high security and low cost this type of door lock is commonly found in New York City as an additional lock added to a front door.

Rim latch lock:

The rim latch lock can take a lot of abuse before opening without a key. Known by locksmiths as one of the strongest types of locks, the rim lock is a secure door lock for those who want a little extra security. The rim lock when paired with a deadbolt lock makes a secure option.

Keycard lock:

The keycard lock is commonly found on hotel rooms across the world. Because of their low cost, ease of installation and convenience, the keycard lock is a favorite lock to many people. Not commonly found on residential properties, but the keycard locks is becoming more and more familiar to residential applications.

Biometric lock:

Right out of a James Bond film! The biometric lock relies on either a retina scan or thumbprint in order to open the door. The biometric lock is quite possible the most secure/high-tech type of lock today.


locksThe padlock can be seen on bicycles, high school lockers, tool boxes and gates all over the globe. Padlocks come in dozens of different key types and features. Whether it is the combination padlock or traditional key padlock, the padlock is here to stay!

As you can see there are hundreds of different kinds of locks all across the world. Remember this; no matter how secure that you are in the end locks only keep your friends out because all locks can be broken. When considering purchasing new locks always get the highest quality lock that you can afford.