locksmith san diegoLike any technical profession the locksmith technician is only as effective as the tools that he uses. When it comes to the locksmith industry this is particularly true. Without the proper tools the locksmith of today would not be able to do his job. Many of these tools take extensive training to become a career locksmith. This blog article is a meant to be a beginner’s guide to locksmith tools. Read on…

Professional locksmith and the tools of the trade make the locksmith’s job possible.

From a stock of blank key varieties, lock picks, key making equipment, drills, to tension wrenches, the modern locksmith has to have an arsenal of locksmith tools on hand in order to effectively complete his job in a timely manner.

Tension wrench – Tension wrenches (also known as feather touch wrenches) are used to torque down and hold the picked pins in place. Tension wrenches are L-shaped and rarely seen in the movies where the private eye picks the door of a building. Without the tension wrench picking pin-tumbler locks is nearly impossible.

Lock picks – From the half-diamond pick, hook pick, ball pick, rake pick, to the decoder pick, lock picks are essential tools that the professional locksmith needs to have on hand in order to do their job.

Key extractor – Like the name suggests the key extractor is used for extracting broken keys from locks. Often used with picks the key extractor is an essential locksmith tool used in the day-to-day operations of the locksmith.

Pick guns – Whether it is the cordless, manual or electronic pickgun, this locksmith tool is a common tool in the locksmith toolbox. With several variations and features, the pickgun is a dynamic locksmith tool that makes the locksmiths job easier.

Bump keys – The bump key is quite possibly the simplest way (with practice) to open a pin lock. The bump key is inserted into the pin lock and struck with a hammer while applying torque to the key. The bump key is fast and effective.

Cordless drill – In many instances a cordless drill is needed by the locksmith to remove screws, drill new holes, and drill out locks. Without cordless drills the locksmiths job would be virtually impossible.

Key cutting machine – Last but not least the key cutting machine is a piece of equipment used on a daily bases by the modern locksmith. With hundreds of different blank keys on hand and high speed key cutting equipment the locksmith of today has quite the arsenal of locksmith on hand in their locksmith van.

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