Everyone has them. There in just about everyone’s purse or pocket. Everyday all of us have them in our hand at some point or another. Whether it is 4 getting into the house the keys to the business or the keys to your bicycle keys are found everywhere in today’s modern world.

In the old days when a person needed to get new car keys or duplicate car keys all you would have to do is go down to the local locksmith shop in downtown and they would simply make you a new set of car keys. Most Vehicles back then had cheat codes that if the key was locked lost the locksmith could look up the key code and make a new key for the person. And back then mobile locksmith services were not as popular as they are today.

Wow how has time changed in the past 50 years! During that time car keys have evolved from primitive locksmith technology too advanced electronic technology. These Technologies make it nearly impossible for the common crook to steal a car. Car keys of today have radio chips implanted inside them that communicate with the car’s ignition system so that the car cannot be stolen easily.
Car keys are totally different game than they used to be. Now every automotive manufacturer has car key programming equipment. The locksmith needs to be familiar with this key programming equipment and he will need to have it in his tool set in order to be able to provide car key cutting services.

If you have an older car to the local locksmith and having them make you a duplicate set of keys. And in a matter of minutes you will hold in your hand new car keys. And it is actually fairly inexpensive because keys do not take much time to make. However if you have a new vehicle then you will have transponder keys.. In some cases. And that is a whole lot of money for Keys!

Can you believe it? $500 for Mercedes keys! Some Vehicles Keys nowadays cost a lot of money. You will want to find a locksmith that specializes in the type of that you need. This is because if you find a locksmith that specializes in the keys that you need. When they are good at it and fast they can lower the price because of the cost savings. They can pass the cost savings along to you the customer.
And I Cut him. Some offer transponder key programming services but are limited to the models that they deal with. So you need to find a local locksmith in your area that for sure has the transponder key programming services that you need.

And when it comes down to getting new keys you might as well have the locksmith make you duplicate keys for other Keys as well. In a lot of cases you can ask the locksmith that comes to help you with your transponder keys if they will give you a discount since you’re getting so many keys cut. So ask for the bulk discount.

Most importantly you have to make sure that you are careful with your new transponder keys. Because while they may not cost $500 they still are a lot more expensive. And when you have to keep replacing transponder Keys it can really dip into your budget unnecessarily. And that extra money could be used for a lot of better things.

If you live in San Diego and you need new transponder replacement keys. Prestige locksmith has been in the San Diego area helping people just like you for over 10 years. We make transponder keys for just about every make and model that you imagine. And we can get them done for a lot less usually. So why don’t you give us a call right now and talk to us. We look forward to meeting you.