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Single Side/Knob

Double Side/Mortis

Single Side/Knob

Double Side/Mortis














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Other Than Above

Call For Pricing (858)353-7430

High-Security (Supplied With 2 Keys)

Special Price For Limited Time Only!

Depend On The Manufacture

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Mail Box (Supplied With 2 Keys)

With A Key – A Key That Open The Lock Have To Be Present At The Time Of Changing The Lock
Without A Key – A Key That Open The Lock Is Not Present At The Time Of Changing The Lock

Replace (With A Key)

Replace (Without A Key)

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    * A Key That Operated  The Lock Need To Be Present At The Time Of The Job. Without A Key The Price Will Be WIth Additional Of $10 Per Lock.
  • Service Charge May Applied.
  • Locksmith Prices Are Final With No Additional Fees.
  • All Of Our Locksmith Prices Above Are Include Labor, Taxes And Parts.
  • All Labor And Parts Are Warranty For 90 Days. Some Parts May Have Longer Warranty From The Manufactures.

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Locksmith price list is not our complete service list. *Call for exact quotes.

Prestige Locksmith Prices

Guaranteed Locksmith Prices

It will take us years to complete our locksmith price list for all our special services and for you it will take forever to read it. That why it is very important that you give us a call at any time and for any question at (858) 353-7430 or you can just fill up the contact form on the bottom of this page for any questions or concerns you may have and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We are one of the best San Diego car locksmiths in San Diego County. We reproduce vehicle keys and/or remote-keys ON SITE, even if you lost all of them.

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