locksmith avishyIf you’ve been locked out of your car in the past, you’ll know just how frustrating the experience can be. The consequences of a car lockout are never pleasant; it can cost you a job, an important deal or even a potential relationship (nobody likes to be stood up on a date!) It’s worse when you have hungry and sleepy small children with you, who just want to get home.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the most common lockout scenarios, and tell you why you may need to call an automotive locksmith.

Scenario #1: You lost your keys in your apartment.

It’s a new day and it’s time to get to the office. You grab everything you can and rush to the car in the parking lot. Then you realize to your shock that you don’t have the car key with you. You search your wallet, purse or handbag – no, it’s not there! Did you leave it behind in your apartment, or did you lose in the lift, or somewhere on your way to the parking space? You run back to your apartment, search frantically for the car keys – but it’s nowhere to be found. Okay, you’ve lost your car keys. Don’t panic.

Scenario #2: The car key has broken.

Imagine that! You’re already late for your child’s soccer game, and you are desperate to be there for her. All the parents will be there, and it would be really upsetting for your little girl if you don’t make it. So you finish your meeting quickly and head out to your car. As you pull out the keys and press the unlock button, it doesn’t give you the normal *chirp*chirp* sound and goes completely silent. Okay, the battery in the key fob is dead and needs to be replaced. Never mind, you do it the traditional way, you put the key into the lock and turn it… but did you turn it too hard? Perhaps you did, as the key has been broken in the lock! Oh no, what about the soccer game?

Scenario #3: You lost your keys in the office.

So it’s Friday, and you’ve been working since 9 in the morning. It’s 6pm now, time to head home. Okay, work was fun – hard, but fun. So you say goodbye to your coworkers and head to your car, looking forward to the weekend ahead. You’re on a real high, excited about the well deserved break. But no, where’s the car key? You rummage through your pocket, wallet or purse, and the car keys are nowhere to be found. Is it in the office? But the office has been shut already, and there’s no way to get back in until Monday! Okay, don’t panic. Well, maybe you should!

Scenario #4: You’ve locked yourself out of the car

You’ve got a date in just an hour with an attractive person you met at last night’s party. You figure out there’s enough time to get some gas and to use the bathroom. You park the car next to the pump in the gas station and as you step out, and head towards the bathroom, you realize you’ve gotten yourself locked out of the car! The car key is in the driver seat while the door has been locked. The horror of it all! As we said earlier, nobody likes to be stood up on a date. That is just so wrong. So what do you do next?

Well, for instances such as these, your best bet is to have an automotive locksmith on your speed dial. Someone who you can trust and has a good reputation in the community. Call our locksmith company at 858-353-7430, we will help you get back into your car and make sure there’s no further damage to it.