Everything that you always wanted to know about deadbolt locks.

lock 2As you can see here this is the actual deadbolt of a deadbolt lock. The hole going through the deadbolt is called the slot.





lock 3This is the thumb turn assembly found installed on the inside of the door. The knob that you turn to unlock the lock is called the thumb turn.






lock 1The image that you see here is of the cylinder. The cylinder is installed on the outside of the door and contains within it tumblers that are aligned with the grooves in the key to unlock the lock. The ring around the cylinder is called the trim ring or cylinder cover.





As you can see there is not a whole lot to deadbolt locks, although it is recommended to hire the services of a professional locksmith to install your deadbolt lock because you will be guaranteed the correct installation and security of the lock.

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This quick video covers the basics about residential door locks to help you to get familiar with deadbolt locks and their main components.