Safe Cracking

Safe cracking services San Diego. – The elite.

Safe cracking

Safe cracking

You have found the elite, when it comes to safe cracking in San Diego. To us this craft goes beyond skill and passion, it is an art form honed through years of experience and patience. Our safe cracking technicians have decades of real world experience helping small businesses and regular consumers alike. Whether you need a safes combination changed or have lost the combination to your safe, we can help you! No safe to small and no safe that cannot be cracked.

Meet Shy. World class safe cracker:

Shy has a lifetime of safe cracking under his belt. Over the years he has worked on some of the most challenging safe cracking jobs in Southern California. When others failed, Shy has succeeded. He is one of the absolute best in the area for when you need the best. He also cracks regular consumer sized safes, all the way up to larger walk-in style safes. From combination changes, to all out safe cracking services, Shy is your man!

  • Gun safes
  • Wall safes
  • Flooring safes
  • Fire safes
  • Walkin safes


Prices vary depending on the type of safe and scope of the project, but there is no safe Shy cannot crack. He also offers safe combination changes and related services. Give Shy a call today, he is eager to assist you.