locksmith san diegoLocksmiths to the rescue

Everyone knows that feeling. You walk outside quickly to grab the mail or newspaper and not only does the door shut and lock behind you but now your bathrobe is caught in the door and you aren’t wearing anything under it. We’ve all been there. Instead of running down the street like some early morning streaker in a panic, why not call your local locksmith.

More than just doors

Locksmiths provide a variety of services tied to everything related to locks. This goes beyond just door locks as well. They can with window and patio locks, car door locks, and more. Not only can them help unlock, unstick these type of locks they can also recommend ways to prevent them from sticking and even types and brands of locks that would be more secure. If anyone knows what kind of lock is the toughest to break into it would be a lock smith.

Key masters

They also provide a number of services related to keys as well. For instance if you need a copy of a certain key that can cut one usually right on site and have it ready in a less than a couple of minutes. Even if you’ve lost a key they can make a copy of one from an existing lock. This is true for not only house keys but also pad lock keys and even car keys. Many car dealers will tell you that they are the only ones that can get copies of a particular car key but a specialized auto locksmith can often get the same keys as the dealers at a fraction of the price

Lock installation

Locksmiths can also help install locks as well. This can be especially handy when moving into a new home for example. Changing the locks on your new home will add an extra layer of security and also prevent the change of an extra or master key to the old locks still floating around. They can also recommend additional security measures such as not having locked doors near windows to prevent access to the interior side of the door though a broken window. They can also suggest certain brands and types of locks to install for that extra piece of mind to help you sleep easier at night.


When everything is said and done and you are no longer standing around outside early in the morning half naked; locksmiths are not only extremely handy but also very versatile too.