locksmithsandiegoCan you rest easy at night wondering if you are safe in your home? What is it worth to you to feel safe? Your security is priceless! Hire a residential locksmith and feel more secure.

What if I told you that your security and safety is actually a lot less expensive than you think? Would you consider taking the steps necessary to help your family to feel safe?

You home is your safe haven and feeling safe in your home is paramount.

Day after day our residential locksmith business in San Diego continues to get requests from our customers for idea on the things that they can do to improve their home security. We have decided to write a blog post about the top 5 ways to secure your property.

The top 5 ways to secure your property:

1) Install deadbolts on all exterior doors. – The simplest thing that a home owner can do to make their home more secure is to install deadbolts on all of the exterior doors of their property. Deadbolt locks are up to 10 times more secure than regular door knobs.

2) Keep you doors locked. – Keep your doors locked day and night. The more often that your doors are locked, the safer that your family and possessions will be. Insure that you perform regular checks of the doors of your home and also teach your other family members to help check that the locks are engaged.

3) Use window locks. – Just as Important as locking your doors be sure to use window locks. Window locks prevent windows from opening from the outside and are many times more secure than relying on typical window locks.

4) Maintain your locks. – Perform regular checks of the locks of your home to insure that they are functioning correctly. Utilize graphite or the recommend lubricant on a regular bases to protect and lubricate the locks on your home.

5) Do not hide spare keys anywhere outside. – So many families leave spare keys under the welcome mat, a plant or elsewhere. Over time your children’s friends may see your children using these keys and will be able to gain access to your home. More so, many sophisticated criminals know to look for hidden spare keys in order to gain access to a home.
Proper preparation will secure your peace of mind.

While these are the top recommend tips to secure your property be sure to use your common sense when keeping your family safe. Ask yourself if you were a criminal what would be the potential points of entry that you would consider when breaking in to your home.

locksmith san diegoYou families safety and peace of mind is worth every penny when hiring a residential locksmith!

No amount of money can be placed on peace of mind. Fortunately, most things that you can do to secure your property are very low cost and even free. What are your homes weak points? When you decide to hire a residential locksmith today you will know how home security feels. It feels great to know that you have done everything possible to feel secure.

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