Security Audits

Can you rest easy wondering if your family is safe at night?

There is no worse feeling than the feeling of not knowing if your home is secured. Here at Prestige Locksmith we provide free of charge to the community of San Diego security audits. Our security audits cover all potential points of entry into your home, doors and locks, windows, security system analysis and other useful tips that will give you peace of mind knowing that your home is secured.

burglarMost burglaries are performed by career criminals who are professionals at breaking into homes.

Can you leave your home to chance, wondering if the locks that you have installed, doors that you have in place or the windows that you have in your home are secure? Probably not. Leave it up to the professionals here at Prestige Locksmith to perform a free security audit on your home or business.

Would you risk your businesses assets to commercial burglary when it could be prevented with security audits?

With so much at stake are you willing to gamble on the security of your livelihood? For many businesses the installation of window bars, alarm systems and home security systems has proven essential to protect their business. – Even more of a reason to get a free security audit!

Schedule a 100% no obligation FREE business or home security audit today. Call now. 858-353-7430

San Diego County Sheriff Eviction Guide for Eviction Agents & Locksmiths.

san diego eviction services sheriffDownload the San Diego County Sheriff’s Guide for eviction agents and locksmiths; Learn about the San Diego County Sheriff Departments procedures for evictions. This eviction guide covers the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” for eviction services and eviction locksmiths to insure the safety of all parties.