While there are various residential door locks available today, it is important to choose which pieces would fit best for a home. The initial priority is to make sure they are functional, and they cannot be easily picked. Here are four of the top makers of residential door locks and an observation how they can fare in San Diego residences today:

Falcon Hardware as One of the Top Makers of Residential Door Locks

falcon locks logoThis brand is mostly used in offices and industrial establishments. It just means if you’re considering a Falcon brand, their sleek and business looking lines would be good for offices. They are not exactly advisable to serve as front door locks per se, since picking them would be much easier than heavy duty residential door locks.

For home offices, Falcon’s ratings on knob sets, lever sets and deadbolts would be a four out of five. However when it comes to commercial use, it would be safe to say the brand rates at two out of five.

Cal-Royal Hardware

cal royal logoOne of the heaviest duty lock systems you can encounter would be Cal-Royal Hardware. If you are looking for the ultimate security for your residential door locks, then this brand would be worth your consideration. While they may be used for schools, banks and other institutions, you can sleep better at night knowing you got the most intensive lock system for your house.

Do not be surprised if the locks from Cal-Royal might be expensive, though. Your investments would be worth the effort if you consider this brand as part of your system in residential door locks. There are various outlets, which carry this brand in San Diego, and with a core of 4.8 out of 5, this brand would be a viable installation.

Kwikset Has the Classic Selections of Residential Door Locks

kwickset logoIf you are also looking into the most tried and tested, never failing locking system, there would always be Kwikset as a brand. It also offers combination packs, which makes its security systems even more difficult to unlock. Kwickset is also a name, which has been known for over 60 years, which means the company already has a thorough knowledge in San Diego’s business of residential door locks.

When it comes to home locks, Kwikset would have a score of four out of five since frequent maintenance would still be necessary to ensure utmost protection of your property.

Some Observations about Keyless Residential Door Locks

While keyless entries are quite convenient, there may still be chances for hackers to spy on your combinations based on your smartphone. If you would be trying keyless residential door locks, be sure to still have a back-up combination locking system in some of the most crucial parts of your property.

There are a lot of mechanisms on residential door locks, which you can choose from. To know what’s best for you, be sure to consult our San Diego locksmith service today.