ez flasher toolWhen searching for an automotive locksmith in San Diego you will want to locate one that has all the tools needed for transponder key programming services. Automotive key problems occur at the worst time ever. Late at night, when you are about to rush for an important meeting or far away from home are some of the worst times when auto key issues occur. These are the reasons why automotive locksmiths in San Diego are the best choice, especially when it comes to transponder key programming. As automotive technology advances the locksmith of today needs to have all of the tools to perform their job.

Short list of transponder key programming tools that the San Diego automotive locksmith will use to program transponder keys.

Multi-platform tools

Multi-platform tools are tools used for key programming. The tools are connected to your car system through the OBD-II port. They use an auxiliary cable if the vehicle power is not available. Multi-platform tools eliminated all security related error codes and program the transponder key.

Keyless Ride Hotwire

The Keyless Ride Hotwires use a laptop to program the remote and the key of your car. San Diego automotive locksmiths use these machine for transponder programming. It’s not a must for the machine has to have software packages and it does not require any internet connection for programming.

Silca TKO

The TKO (Transponder key Originator) is easy to use device. It has a single cable that is connected to your vehicle through an internal CAN router and the OBD-II port. The best thing about the Silca TKO it has a big memory space and a fast processor. It also has complete software packages.

Advanced Diagnostic TCode Pro

The Advanced Diagnostic TCode Pro has no software. It is also sold at different levels starting with the beginner level. The next level is the Apprise level which has 21 software. The 21 levels cover all famous manufacturers such as Toyota, Mitsubishi, Ford, Lexus, and Honda. Other levels have up to 26 to 38 different software packages. You can choose the one that suits your work best.

EZ Flasher

Other available tools that San Diego locksmiths use for transponder programming services include EZ Flasher. The EZ Flasher is a powerful tool and is a must have by San Diego automotive locksmiths. With all of the needed features to get the job done you are sure to see it in the locksmith tools of the San Diego locksmith that you hire.

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