locksmith toolsDo you want to work for a locksmith? You will want to prepare yourself beforehand by making sure that you can perform at your highest by having the right locksmith tools. Obviously, when you prepare to join a locksmith company you need to make sure that you have the proper tools.

If you are a beginner looking for a job in a locksmith company you do need to make sure that you invest in the proper locksmith tools out there.

Here is a list of locksmith tools that the dedicated staff here at Prestige Locksmith has put together for you.

Locksmith tweezers

These are devices that work great for any emergency locksmith because they offer a much better tweezer experience. Basically this device has the ends rounded in order to hold those pins.

Follower Tool

No matter if you want to be an automotive locksmith or even a normal locksmith, one thing is certain, this device will allow you to remove plug from cylinder very fast and with some amazing results which is quite interesting.

End cap removal tool

This particular tool is very good because it will allow you to remove the end cap faster and with a much better precision, which is what matters the most here.

Key gauge

Any person that plans to work at a locksmith company should try to get a key gauge, and if you can find a refined one that offers a master padlock then the results can be even better!


Shims are great if you want to provide locksmith services on your own, because not only is this a tool for professionals, but it also manages to make the entire experience very fast and refined which is always a plus. With complete dedication to the entire experience and a good set of commercial locksmith or safe cracking tools, you can easily get a stellar outcome, you will be amazed by that for sure.

Pick set and tension wrenches

These devices are not only very useful for professionals, but they do a great job for beginners too. If you want to be a locksmith you will be amazed with how great the entire experience can really be in the end.

Pin kit

A goo pin kit is always suitable for a variety of situations, and this is why it’s a very good idea to add it to the locksmith stash. It’s a very important tool to add and one which will help you a lot in the long run.

Pinning/work mats

Work mats are great if you want to maintain cleanliness and offer the best possible experience. It will take a little bit in the long run, too, but the idea here is that once you start using one you will never go back, this is how professional and useful such a tool really is.

The right locksmith tools make for quality service.

In conclusion, if you are a beginner that wants to work at a locksmith company you should definitely try to add these locksmith tools to your arsenal right now. Thanks to these locksmith tools you can easily bring in front some very good experiences. – So don’t hesitate and add these to the emergency locksmith stash, you will be amazed with the outcome!