IMG_2097From the mid-evil locks of Kathmandu, to the ancient Egyptian locks, to the high tech modern locks of today, locks have always evolved alongside human development. It is thought that the lock was first invented in the 6th century BC. Nowadays there are hundreds of different kinds of locking mechanisms for endless uses. This video covers several of the most common types of locks.

Deadbolt Locks: Whether it is a single cylinder deadbolt or a double cylinder deadbolt where the lock will accept a key on both sides, deadbolt locks are the most common locking mechanism found on doors because of the high security, ease of use and durability.

Padlocks: This type of lock is used universally to secure latches on doors, bicycle chains, gates, to the highschool locker, the padlock is commonplace everywhere in modern society. Usually made of hardened steel, the padlock can withstand a lot of abuse before being damaged and unlocked without a key.

Electronic Locks: In recent years electronic locks have taken center stage. This type of lock is a favorite for its high security and ease of operation. Whether opened remotely or through an access system electronic locks use an electrical current to operate the locking mechanism.

Mortise Locks: Mortise locks are popular in Europe for their compact design, high security and ornate features. This type of door lock requires a pocket to be cut into the door in order to be installed. They are becoming more common in the United States.

Combination Locks: From the inexpensive dial combination bicycle locks, to security safes, to luggage, the combination lock is perfect because it is inexpensive to produce, easy to use and secure. Best of all combination locks do not require the use of a key in order to operate.

All of these locks are common and can be found through any local locksmith, however there is a big difference between materials used to make the lock and its craftsmanship. When choosing a lock it is always suggested to purchase the highest quality lock possible because securing your home and property is worth the slightly higher cost.

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