Professional locksmith services are not just someone who comes to your rescue when you’ve been locked out of your house, shop or car. A professional locksmith offers several different types of services, which are absolutely critical to our safety and security. They are highly skilled professionals with outstanding problem solving ability.

locksmithsandiegoLocksmith services replace or repair several different types of locks. They work with safes and padlocks as well as with far more complex locking mechanisms that require a highly specialized knowledge. Professional locksmiths of today have specialized knowledge that is specific to certain types of locks or brands. They work with high-end security systems and are capable of replacing or installing electronic locks.

Generally, there are 5 different types of locksmith services provided by professional locksmiths…

Residential Locksmith Services

Residential locksmiths are the most common of all professional locksmiths. They provide lockout services to homeowners. Often times, people lose their keys while shopping or partying, and call a residential locksmith for assistance. Residential locksmiths offer lockout services to those residing in single-family residences, apartments, or condos. They modify the locking system on the front door of the house and prepare a new set of keys to go with it. They also install and maintain advanced home security systems.

Commercial Locksmith Services

Being a commercial locksmith is one of the hardest jobs in the locksmith profession. Commercial locksmiths are highly trained professionals who provide emergency services for businesses. They don’t just work with locks; a commercial locksmith is very much capable of installing highly sophisticated electronic alarms and camera surveillance systems. A capable commercial locksmith is worth their weight in gold to a business. They are called by a business every time the alarm goes off. They install double security on locks, safes and even work with doors fitted with a keyless entry system. Because of the nature of the services provided by them, commercial locksmiths are the best paid of all professional locksmiths. They provide a valuable service to the business community.

Automobile Locksmith Services

One of the worst things that can happen to anyone is to lose their car key or to suddenly find out that their car key is broken. In such desperate times, people call an automobile locksmith. Automobile locksmiths are very capable of handling all types of cars. They usually have some extremely useful tools with them which allow them to open the doors of any car. They also provide services such as key making and key replacing for the car doors or for the car’s ignition.

Emergency Locksmith Services

Many locksmith companies – not all – offer emergency locksmith services. Emergency locksmiths provide super fast lockout services to homes, offices and automobile owners. They have a response time of 30 minutes or less and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no breaks and no holidays. They provide emergency lockout or lock opening services using specialized locksmith tools and use techniques such as lock bumping for this purpose. Calling an emergency locksmith ensures that you don’t have to stay out in the cold for too long after having been locked out of your own home. These professional locksmiths can repair or break door locks of any type or brand.

Rekeying Services

Rekeying is one of the important professional locksmith services. Rekeying is different from changing a lock. Rekeying is essentially about adjusting a lock by configuring its internal components that you can use a new key with it. Rekeying is a less expensive alternative to replacing locks. Rekeying is perhaps the hardest of all locksmith services, and not every locksmith can perform them. Professional locksmiths that offer rekeying services are armed with highly specialized knowledge and have learned their craft after several years of intense on-the-job training. The most experienced professional locksmiths offer master rekeying services – which makes them valuable to businesses as every commercial establishment requires a master key to operate its locks.