The word transponder is coined from two words, that is transmitter and responder. Most people tend to confuse a transponder key with automotive remotes. The basic function of a remote is to lock and unlock your vehicle while on the other hand, the main purpose of having a transponder key is to eliminate car theft.

Transponder keys have a lot of amazing features. Since 1995, car manufacturers have adopted the policy that all vehicles must have transponder keys. Since then, the features have continued to improve. Below are some of the features of a transponder key.

It provides an anti-theft protection for your vehicle, thereby making it difficult to steal. This is made possible because most of them are programmed with an identification number which is uniquely programmed to the car which it recognizes.

It has a microchip which works in tandem with the engine of the car. If this particular key is not used, the vehicle would not start. The microchip embedded in the head of the vehicle/motorcycle key receives a signal from an antenna which is around the ignition cylinder.

If the vehicles computer doesn’t receive a proper response from the transponder key, then the vehicle cannot work.

As much as transponder keys have a lot of interesting features, they are not immune to problems. Below are some of the common problems and solutions associated with transponder keys:

Dead batteries – most times, when you list expect it, your transponder key may stop working. Just simply check the battery, and the ability to do so would depend on the pattern and design of the key.

The buttons – they may become loose and this is noticed when the buttons no longer have the same feeling when they are clicked. You can fix the button by pushing it into place. However, if the button is completely off the circuit, it may become difficult to fix. Most times, replacement is the best option.

Reprogramming – if you have checked and confirmed that your system is working just fine, and you can find anything physically wrong with the key, you can try reprogramming. You can make reference to your car manual, and if you can’t find it, then you need the services of an automotive locksmith.

One of the major complaints made by car owners about transponder keys is that it creates a lot of hassle when broken. They immediately assume that the key can’t be replaced except by the car manufacturers who charge a fortune. A professional locksmith can provide you with another key at a cheap and affordable price.

It is often advised that you should clone your transponder key, as getting an entirely new one may cost more and also take some time.