Losing your car keys may be the worst thing that can imagine happening to anybody. Cars are one of the most important things that anyone possesses. So losing the car key can bring a lot of troubles for anyone. Most people do not know what to do and what not to do, when the car key is lost or stolen. Should you get car key replacement? Answer: Yes, the sooner that you get car key replacement the better!

Generally, key comes from the use of locks. These are used to protect our valuable things and make your properties safe. But, it can also create problems if the keys are lost or stolen. People can lose anything due to inattentiveness. Most of the people lead a busy life now. So they try to be swift in all their works and that can cause them to be inattentive to their possessions. Many people lose their car keys and cannot remember whether they have lost it or it was stolen. It may occur when they were busy with something important at that time.

Car thief
In case of losing your car key, what should you do? Get car key replacement!

  • The first thing you need to do is to think deeply where you saw your car key the last. If you failed to remember, no need to be impatient.
  • Search your key in all the possible places where you keep it.
  • Start searching from that point; usually you start your day.
  • Do not be impatient and search all the possible places where you think you could have left it.
  •  If you fail to get the car key in anywhere then, go for your spare keys.

Make your mind and collect necessary documents:

If you are lucky enough, then you may find your key locked inside the car. If so, then you need to go to an expert locksmith who can help you unlock the car. But if your luck does not assist you then you have to search for your spare key.

What can you do, if you do not have any spare key? It will be the worst news for you because it can turn into a real pain. You have to replace your keys. But, before replacing it you need to be sure that your car key was not stolen. If it was stolen then there is a possibility that the thief is trying to steal your car as well. In that case you have to think about changing your car lock.

In order to replace your car key or changing your lock, you need some documents and other things with you. Those are the VIN number and model number and year of the car. Without these your car key replacement or lock change is quite impossible.

Find an expert automotive locksmith:

Do not go to any hardware store. Hardware stores do not have enough equipment to do the work perfectly. Automotive locksmiths have more sophisticated machinery and that’s why they can do the work more effectively. Find the local dealers who can do these works efficiently. You can also look for discounted replacement keys. If you are lucky enough you may find aftermarket keys or even factory replacements if you search online. You can also get them directly from the manufacturer. But that can cost more. There are also some companies who offer replacement keys. You can find your car key from their stock. Car key replacement can be a solution of losing or stealing.

Does your car have a computer controlled engine-immobilizer?

If your car has a computer controlled engine-immobilizer, then you will have to find an expert who can reprogram your car to recognize the new key. Do not go to any new locksmith in this case. Because they will not be able to replace the car key or might cause damage to the lock of the car.

If you think your car keys were stolen then you have to be very careful in dealing with your car. You will need to change the car lock. Before the changing work, you might need to pay extra attention to your car. Never leave it in an open place without attending it. Or try to keep it in a safe place away from your workplace and home so that the thief might not find it.

Things to concern to minimize the risk:

Anyone can face a devastating condition like losing his car key any time. So it is better to be ready than facing too much trouble. The things you need to do to avoid having more problems due to car key lose –

  • Keep a spare key or two keys in case you are not very responsible person and have previous cases of losing keys.
  • Never keep your house key with your car key. Because if you lose any of them you might face a devastating condition.
  • Keep your car key in a safe place inside your house. Do not keep it outside.
  •  Note down the VIN number of your car and model details in a safe place from where you can easily get them.
  • Keep the proof of the ownership of your car in a safe place so that you can use them when you need.
  • Do not be nervous if you face such a situation and keep the numbers of local locksmiths always in your phone book so that you can find them easily.
  • Keep the contacts of your car dealer or manufacturer so that you can contact them if you face more troubles in replacing the key or the lock.

Car key replacementConclusion:

In case of car key replacement, you need to go to an expert locksmith. Some locksmiths will be able to make a new key by just seeing your car. But some may want to see your VIN number and model number. You need to go to the locksmith with full-proof of your ownership of the car. Locksmiths often want to see them. You need to make sure the reputation and quality of services that the company  provides, when you decide to hire a automotive locksmith to replace your car. Or you can choose San Diego Prestige Locksmith that provides the world class car locksmith services.