As an automotive locksmith in San Diego, we are often asked about what a transponder key does and how they are different from regular car keys. Yes, there’s a lot of confusion about transponder keys, since they are still pretty much a new technology. But the fact is that almost very car made by major automobile companies such as Ford, GM, Nissan, Toyota, Chrysler and BMW comes fitted with transponder keys, and not with the regular car keys that most of us are used to. That’s why it is important to learn as much as you need to about transponder keys.

First, what’s a Transponder Key and in what way is it different from a regular car keys?

mazda keysEssentially, a transponder car key is an ignition car key fitted within an RF transmitter. Transponder keys are different from ordinary car keys are they have an RF transmitter embedded in them. The transmitter connects wirelessly to a device located near the ignition switch on the car, which acts as a receiver. The transponder key sends a low level signal to the car, which can be detected only when it is put into the ignition switch.

Second, why have all major automobile companies introduced transponder keys with their vehicles?

Most car companies have introduced transponder car keys with their newest models to ensure that the cars don’t get hot-wired. So unless the receiver is placed close to the ignition switch detects the low level signal from the transponder key, the vehicle does not start, no matter how hard someone tries. So if a car thief attempts to hot wire the car, he won’t be successful as the car won’t start as long as the receiver placed near the ignition switch does not detect the low level signal from the transponder key. Even if the key were to be copied, it wouldn’t be possible to start the car without the transmission of the specific low level signal.

Third, how do tell if you’ve got a Transponder Key or just an ordinary car key?

For a start, transponder keys are a lot more expensive than ordinary car keys. It’s easy to identify a transponder key from an ordinary car key because the plastic part in transponder keys is a lot thicker than that in ordinary keys. If you’re still not sure if you’ve got a transponder key, just wrap the plastic part with layers or cloth and try to start the car. If it doesn’t start, then it’s a transponder key.

Fourth, what to do if there’s a problem with your Transponder Key?

key cutLet’s understand what can go wrong with your transponder key. A chip could go missing, the receiver may not be able to detect the low level signal coming from the key, you may have lost the digital code that ties the key to the car and the car may not start. When something like this happens, you should call a reliable and trustworthy automotive locksmith San Diego or emergency locksmith San Diego.

How our San Diego Locksmith Company can be of help.

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