A Harley Davidson is special. The unique patented barrel cut key for a Harley requires a locksmith that knows how to properly cut Harley Davidson motorcycle keys in San Diego. Special equipment is needed to properly cut Harley Davidson keys.

The key design and the need for special equipment to make a replacement for a Harley Davidson key is an added safety factor that Harley built in to keep your bike from being stolen. The design can make it a real hassle to get a replacement key.

One of the most important reasons to have a key for your bike is that you cannot work on parts of the bike like the ignition switch unless you have a key. Your Harley dealer does not have a master key to get into your bike to do any work either.

Every Harley Davidson key has a code. There is a number on the key that tells you what the key code is but that number is not the key code that can get a properly cut Harley Davidson key replacement made for you.

There are tow ways to get a Harley Davidson key replacement. You can get one through the dealer that you bought the bike from. You can get a locksmith that has the proper equipment and training to cut a key for you if you can supply them with the key code.

The key code can be a problem if you bought the bike from an individual. The person who originally bought the bike must ask the dealer for the key code. You can work around this obstacle if you have a properly notarized bill of sale for the bike.

Harley dealers do not cut keys or have the equipment to properly cut keys. The dealer will submit a request for a new key to Harley Davidson. You can expect to wait two weeks or longer for a new key. This means your bike sits or you have to pay to have it towed home because it will not move without a key to unlock the front end.

The faster and better option is to find a locksmith that has a relationship with Harley Davidson. All the locksmith needs is the serial number of the bike. The locksmith can search the Harley key database if they have gone through the process of being certified by Harley.

The big rigmarole about Harley Davidson keys in San Diego is really for your protection and to make sure that your bike does not get stolen. Stolen bikes that cost $40,000 have shown up in the Ukraine and China with a price tag of over $100,000. It pays to be safe.

Give the San Diego Harley Davidson motorcycle locksmith that you found to make a new key for your Harley permission to keep your key code on file. This simple thought speeds up the process of making a new key if you misplace the key again.

A locksmith can save you money and valuable riding time if you find a locksmith that has the equipment, training, and access to Harley to make a new key for you.