If you are the owner of a business, whether it is a small business, a large corporate office, a retail store, or a rental property, you will find often yourself in compromising situations. Business owners deal with burglary and theft not just from criminals, but also from unreliable employees.

Feel more secure. – Protect your commercial property and assets.

commercial-keys-300x211Working with a skilled and trustworthy commercial locksmith can keep your business secure, and can potentially save you a lot of money in the long run. We have listed some of the important tasks that only a commercial locksmith can do for you

Rekeying Of Locks

As your business grows, it will no doubt undergo many changes, including a high staff turnover. Often employees keep the keys to certain departments with them even after having left the company, which poses a significant security risk to the company. A commercial locksmith handles the rekeying of locks every time there are personnel changes. They make sure that the locks are changed in time and the management retains full control over the business premises.

Safe Security

Every business works with confidential information, files and documents that need to be kept securely. Commercial locksmiths install secure safes to ensure that your valuables stay safe even in the worst case scenario.

Access Control Systems

As a business owner, when you hand over office keys to an employee, you must put a mechanism in place to ensure that they don’t get copies of the keys made which can compromise the security of your business. A commercial locksmith installs access control systems so that no copies of the keys can be made without your explicit permission. So you will have full control over your office keys and decide the level of access to be made available to each employee.

CCTV Systems

Commercial locksmiths also install closed-circuit television system. Every business owner should have CCTV systems on their premises; it keeps burglars away and allows you to monitor your staff and to make sure they aren’t doing anything unethical or illegal.

Break-in Repairs

The first thing you should do after an attempted break-in is to call the police. Following that, your next call should be to a commercial locksmith. The locksmith repairs or replaces the locks damaged from the break-in attempt and secures the premises.

Changing Of Locks

If you are the owner of a rental property, you will need to change the locks after your tenants vacate the premises, as there is every chance that they have duplicated the house keys – which poses a security risk to your property. So every landlord needs to hire a commercial locksmith to get the locks changed immediately after a tenant vacates their premises.

Master Key System

You can hire a commercial locksmith to design a master key for you that would give you full access to all the departments in the office or rooms within the building. Master Keys allow business owners or management to have full control over the commercial establishment.

These are just some of the ways in which a commercial locksmith can help secure your business. At ABC, we have highly skilled, experienced and certified commercial locksmiths who are reliable, fast and efficient and can be trusted with your security requirements. Call us at (858)353-4730 to learn more.