medeco lockOkay, you need a new lock. Perhaps you need more than just a few. So, as you head out to Wal-Mart or Home Depot, you should know what you’re looking for. There are hundreds of different types of locks at the store; they are of all sizes and shapes and belong to several different brands.

Now, do you just want the same type of lock that you already have in your home, or do you want to try out something different? Never make a rushed decision when it comes to the residential locks as your family’s safety and security depend on it.

Quality locks are more than meets the eye.

You want to buy a good lock. Well, you can always go for the best locks, but their high costs can seem a little bit much. So you want a lock that gives you great quality at an amazing price. There are certainly locks like that available. But first, read the fine print.

Some locks will claim to have been tested by a third party and advertise their numbered security ratings. Don’t pay attention to that as there is no uniform standard for third party testing when it comes to locks.

What about the price?

piggy bank save moneyWell, don’t look for the cheapest locks, because, when it comes to locks, cheap does mean low quality more often than not. Look for a balance between affordability and quality.
You may have heard of smart locks – they are a part of the Internet of Things – they are connected to your smartphones by a network and are expensive. Make that very expensive. But really, they give you the same security as a standard manually operated lock.

When it comes to locks, you should be looking at things such as the solidity of the construction, strength and quality of the materials, security pins, and that determines your level of security.

Different Types of Residential Locks

#1: Door Handle Locks – They are the least secure of all residential locks and are easy to break. They are generally used to secure bathroom doors and various internal entryways.
#2: Deadbolts – These are oldest types of residential locks in use and are used to secure front and back doors. They have a strong construction and are very secure. They don’t break easily.
#3: Keyless Locks – Keyless door locks don’t require the use of a physical key. You can operate these locks using a code, by entering a password into a keypad.
#4: Combination Locks – Combination locks use a push button mechanism to operate a lock. They are the most popular types of residential locks in use today.
#5: Electric Locks – Electric locks are operated electronically by a code entered on a keypad and cannot be unlocked with raw power. They are very difficult to break.

Which Brand Should You Choose?

How important is it to choose the right brand lock? It is very important, but just because a brand is popular does not necessarily make it safe. Don’t go by the popularity of the brand name. Instead, choose brands that may not be all that well known in the market as yet, but offer the solidity and quality you seek.

Don’t select brands that are either too expensive or too cheap. If they are too cheap, it’s possible the locks were made in China and do not have the best craftsmanship or construction.
If they are too expensive, it’s probably because the company has been spending more than they should on marketing and advertising and are overcharging their customers to make up for that.

Some of the brands we recommend are Assa, Mul-T-Lock, Abloy, Evva, and Medeco. All of these brands offer top quality locks and will keep you more secure.

Need help choosing a lock? Have questions? Give our locksmith services a call right now at 858-353-7430. We look forward to being a part of your success.