Did you know that most American’s are not as secure as they could be? Your home is your sanctuary. It is where you should feel most safe. The following includes a security audit checklist of several things that you can do to improve the security of your home using low cost home security measures.

Top 10 low cost home security tips:

  1. Does your home have adequate lighting on the exterior of the home? Since most home burglaries happen at night under the cover of darkness installing motion lights and regular lighting will decrease the areas where potential burglars can hide. For their low cost and effectiveness exterior light installation is recommended.
  2. Is the property covered in tree’s or brush that potential burglars could hide in? Many burglars lay and wait for the opportune time to break into a home. By cutting back your properties tree’s and brush you are effectively eliminating the places that burglars can hide.
  3. burgalarAre there unattached buildings such as sheds, detached garage or other outbuilding on the property? These buildings should be considered apart of the overall security system of your property. Just like the bushes or overgrowth of tree’s potential burlglars can hide in wide within outbuildings.
  4. Are the exterior doors secure? Additionally, it is advisable that all exterior doors not have glass installed within them or be adjacent to windows that would allow the criminal to reach in and unlock the door.
  5. Are security pins or rods installed on the sliding glass doors and windows? By installing security pins and rods you are preventing the burglar from just simply opening the windows or doors.
  6. Have you rekeyed the locks since you purchased the home? If you have not rekeyed your homes locks since you have purchased the home you are leaving your doors open for anyone who lived in the home before you. Are you willing to risk your families safety for something as simple and low cost as rekeying the locks of your home?
  7. Does the home have an attached garage with an automatic garage door? Many home security experts recommend entering the home by driving your vehicle into your home then promptly closing the garage door behind you.
  8. Is there a high quality home alarm system installed on the home? No burglar likes hearing the squeal of an alarm and installing an alarm lessens your odds of a home break in by 75%.
  9. Install a CCTV system. Not only are closed circuit television systems good for seeing who is at your front door, but CCTV systems can also be used to catch the crooks after the fact.
  10. Join the Neighborhood Watch program in your neighborhood. Even if you do not have a watch program in place speak with the other neighbors about looking out for each other because more eyes are better than none!

Security audit tips that you can use to feel more secure.

As you can see there are several low cost security audit tips that the average home owner can do to prevent a home burglary. The security of your possessions and the safety of your family is worth every penny and effort. Following the tips outlined in this security audit guide will continue to protect your home for years to come.

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