keysTraditional keys have long been flawed for the single fact that they can be duplicated. Even if the key says “Do not duplicate” it still is possible for the key to be duplicated by a dishonest locksmith. If you are in a position that many different people need a copy of the key in order to gain entry to a door then you will want to consider electronic locks.

Introducing access control systems using electronic locks.

Electronic locks offer unsurpassed security and reliability because an electronic lock can easily be reprogrammed while traditional locking mechanisms cannot. No longer do you have to worry about an unauthorized person gaining access to a room or property. In addition you will not have to spend so much time and money replacing old fashioned mechanical locks and keys.

The top 5 types of electronic locks:

1. Key card locks. This kind of electronic lock is commonly seen in modern hotel rooms and uses a key card that looks similar to that of a credit card. The electronic key card lock has become popular because of its ease of use, low cost maintenance and high security.

2. Digital combination locks. Another widely popular lock is the digital combination lock. Found ia a wide array of different styles, the combination lock uses a keypad and a combination code to unlock a door. Many modern combination locks are easy to change the combination on and are a secure way to unlock a door.

3. Biometric locks. Whether it is fingerprint scanning, retinal scanning or voice activated, the biometric lock is something right out of a James Bond film. The future is here and is actually a lot less than you think to install and maintain.

4. RFID locks. The radio frequency identification lock has become popular because of a radio wave that is broadcast from an access badge or other RFID tag. Like any other electronic lock the RFID lock is secure and easy to operate.

5. Electromagnetic lock. The electromagnetic lock is a well-proven technology that utilizes 1000’s of pounds of force in order to secure a door. This type of lock has been around for a long time and can be operated remotely or via electrical signal.

Prevent break-in’s – Electronic locks are more secure!

prevent breakinsRemember that you are only as secure as the weakest point of entry. Did you know that most common locks found within residential properties can easily be broken into with what is called a “bump key”? Within just a quick-second a thief can easily break into a home or business by employing a bump key.

Even if you have an alarm you are still not secure! Most break-in’s take a matter of minutes. Are you confident that the police or security service will be there on time to stop a thief even if your alarm did go off? Many thieves employ a smash and grab technique to get in and get out.

Do not leave it up to chance because the safety of your family depends on you to secure your property. For more educational and helpful blog posts like this one be sure to visit the rest of the blog articles that we have about the locksmith industry in San Diego. See you there!