keycutting machineAs the locks and security systems of today evolve so do the locksmith tools that the locksmith needs to have on hand. Whether it is the late night automotive lockout, lock installation or transponder key reprogramming, the modern locksmith needs to have a van fully equipped with whatever the modern marketplace will throw at him.

With endless varieties of locks and security mechanisms in the world you can imagine that the locksmith has to have on hand hundreds of different kinds of tools in his arsenal of locksmith tools. Are you interested in learning more about the different locksmith tools that the locksmith uses? Read on…

Common tools of the professional locksmith:

Bump key – The bump key is a common locksmith tool found in most locksmiths toolbox’s. Most locksmiths have on hand dozens of bump keys that are ready to go for when they need them.

Lock pick – Probably the most well known locksmith tool is the lock pick. The lock pick is used alongside the tension wrench (see below) to push the pins up in a lock in order to unlock the lock.

Tension wrench – The tension wrench is used in combination with the lock pick. The tension wrench keeps rotational tension on the lock so that once the pins are picked the lock will turn open.

Rake pick – The rake pick uses the same concept to unlock a door. By pushing and pulling the rake pick back and forwards within a lock the rake pick is able to bounce the pins to unlock it.

Pick gun – With two different varieties of pick guns (manual or electric) the pick gun has a trigger that is pulled to engage a fast moving lock pick that unlocks a door. The pick gun has been made famous by detective films.

Slim jim – Probably the most common automotive locksmith tool is the slim jim. The slim jim is used to unlock a vehicles door by pulling on the rod within the door that connects to the locking mechanism.

Transponder key programmer – Many modern automotive ignitions utilize key systems that utilize a radio frequency to start a vehicle. When these radio frequencies are lost the locksmith has to reprogram the new transponder key using transponder key programming equipment.

Key making machine – Last but certainly not least is the key making machine. In the center of every locksmith van is the key making machine and hundreds of blank keys. With endless key making machine manufactures and methods one thing remains the same, the key making machine is an essential tool in the locksmith arsenal to make keys!

Locksmith tools make what otherwise would be impossible, possible!

Alongside all of the locksmith tools listed above the locksmith has to have a variety of automotive and household tools on hand to be able to effectively perform his job. This includes mechanic tools, carpenter tools, drills and hardware. As you can see there is a lot of individual components and tools that make the locksmiths job possible.

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