residential keyProtecting homes and investments is serious business.

Residential locks

Protecting your home not only protects the family, but all their possessions and investments. People rely daily on the standard residential locks, various types of dead bolts, and even safes for protecting the goods.

Technology affects every aspect of our lives today and the locksmith profession is not immune. Today we have touch-screen locks and push-button dead bolts. Security looks very different today than it did only a few years ago. High security residential lock cylinders can be installed making locks pick-proof, drill-proof, and ‘bump’ resistant.

locksmith san diegoIn all the applications listed above, the locksmith service today has evolved into a dynamic industry that is well equipped to handle any type of situation involving keys, security, and locks.

Residential Locks

Residential door locks are both simple and complex. They are designed to restrict access to buildings or rooms and operate using a key. It is the internal mechanics that make it so good at what it does. There are pins, grooves, and a cylinder, that all have to lined up perfectly with the right key, or it will not turn. That means the door will not open.

Smart Locks

It wasn’t until recently that the ‘pin-tumbler’ finally lost its immunity to our new digital revolution. Smart locks are now becoming available for residential applications. The majority of electronic locks are simple ‘drop-in’ replacements for the older conventional locks.

They feature handsomely designed keypads fitted outside the door. There are also what they refer to as ‘living deadbolts’ that are programmed with master codes that enable you to create as many as 250 4 to 8 digit codes.

Home automation is the latest in modern locksmithing. You can link your lock up with the rest of the home. They will work alongside home-control devices like security systems, surveillance cameras, lighting, thermostats, and even garage doors.

Technology is indeed a wonderful thing and it has really innovated the residential lock industry.