security auditsWhen it comes to security needs, there is no “one size fits all”. Whether you are concerned about the security of your home, business, garage or storage buildings, each presents their own issues that should be assessed. Though, most of us assume our home is safe, sometimes the simplest changes could improve your security immensely, such as getting a security audit.

You think that you are safe. Are you really?

Sometimes homeowners try to take matters into their own hands and in their honest effort to secure their family, they actually make them unsafe. For example, doors and windows should have quality locks. They should be sturdy and not easily tampered with. But going too far by installing heavy bars that are not designed for that purpose, or using screws to insure a window cannot be opened, may make it impossible for your family to escape a fire, gas leak or burglar! A professional can show you how to make your home secure from attack while insuring it is a safe place to live.

Over time homes, yards and neighborhoods change. You should have a security audit annually or no less that every two years. Your audit may have shown no danger spots last year. Since then perhaps a neighbor has moved in and they have planted thick shrubs. Perhaps fences have been installed that provide easy access to areas that are no longer clearly visible. Do these changes indicate danger spots for you now? Will a simple change like moving lawn decorations, trimming branches or installing lighting rectify the situation? These are the types of things a professional can help you with. Remember, their job is to tell you what is unsafe. That is all. They are not there to disrupt your life but to protect your life.

You should get a security audit especially if you rent a property.

People who own rental property are at the greatest risk. The fact is people do not take the security of your property as seriously as they do their own. But if there is a crime and someone gets hurt, are you sure you are not going to be held liable because of an uninspected rental house? Not only is your property and investment on the line, but a thoughtless renter could make it easy for someone to invade their homes or the homes near-by. Prevention is always better than damage control after the fact. A security audit could also uncover certain issues that should be added to the lease. For example, if you have installed security lights or motion sensors on the property, you may want it worded in the lease that they cannot be turned off which will make the house less secure. If you have an alarm system installed in the rental, are you sure it is in working order? Just like smoke alarms, an alarm system is not worth the money invested if it is not in working order.

A professional security audit allows you to feel safe and secure in regards to your home, rental or business. But more importantly, it keeps people safer. And keeping people safe is what security is all about.