shy working on lockMany people go through so much to ensure they have a sturdy door to protect their homes from burglars. But to the surprises of many people, they find someone broke into their home even after making sure that the door is locked. However, just locking a door and having the sturdiest door isn’t quite enough for home security. There are a variety of deadbolt locks out there, but if you want to find the best in the 2018 year, here are.

Schlage B660P

The Schlage B660P is a well-built lock available in the markets. This deadbolt lock is rated grade 1, which means the locks are difficult to open and last for a long time. The Schlage locks also have other things that make it the best lock in 2018. It has a strike plate which makes it harder to damage for anyone.

Kwikset Single Cylinder

Kwikset is a company that produces the best locks in the industry. For instance, the Kwikset Single Cylinder is rated grade 1, which makes it the lock to choose for protection and safety of your home. This lock uses a smart-key technology which makes it easier for you a have another copy of the key. Like Schlage, the Kwikset is locked and unlocked using a single finger.

Kwikset Double Cylinder

The Double Cylinder is identical to the Kwikset, but has a double cylinder lock. This means the lock requires you to use a key to open it from either outside or inside. This technology offers extra security, especially if used for windows. While you can enjoy the security, this lock is not the best option in places that you might need a quick escape.

Baldwin Single Cylinder Deadbolt

The Baldwin Single Cylinder Deadbolt makes the list because of its smart re-key technology and solid zinc construction. The key can be paired with a variety of knobs from the Baldwin prestige collection. The lock is among the most dependable deadbolt locks in the market.

Yale touchscreen deadbolt

The Yale Touch Screen deadbolt lock in a lock that has exceptional features like a touchscreen deadbolt that manages the lock. This lock gives you vocal orders and can be used in different places, including your home and office. The most beneficial feature about it is the fact that you can change the pins over 250 times. Even when you forget the pin, you can always use the backup pin to unlock it.