auto locksmithEveryone has heard of locksmiths but very few people fully know all that a locksmith does. Most people generally think they are only there to help unlock a lock that no longer has a functional key. While this is primarily what a locksmith does there is a lot more to this interesting profession.

1. Safe Cracking blunder

While being able to open a safe without a key and/or the combination isn’t a big surprise regarding locksmiths the primary reason they end up doing this. With the emergence of various reality based TV shows people have gotten this idea that buying a safe second hand is an instant gold mine. In reality this is far from the truth. More often than not these safes end up either being empty or full of worthless junk. The only person that makes any money from these is the locksmith themselves.

2. Yes they open handcuffs too

It should come as no surprise that on more than one occasion a locksmith is called to undo a set of handcuffs. Especially with the massive popularity of garbage bondage fiction like 50 Shades of Grey, more and more couples end up trying to spice up their love lives only to end up having to call a locksmith because they lost a key or the handcuffs jammed. Not only is this extremely awkward for the couple but especially so for the poor locksmith.

3. Calling more than one locksmith for a single lockout at the same time is a bad idea

This may seem like a no brainer but all too often people will start calling down a list of various locksmiths in the hope of finding one that will get them unlocked quicker. At best you will still end up having to wait for a locksmith especially late at night/early in the morning but at worst you will end up being charged for the dispatch from the various locksmiths even if they don’t actually unlock anything

4. “Dealer” only keys aren’t dealer only

Many newer cars have special transponder keys that are designed to work on only on that specific car. Along with this many car dealers tell the owners that only the dealer can make or get copies of those keys. This is actually not true at all. A locksmith specialized in auto work can often make copies of any car key and typically at a fraction of the price that a dealer will.