Surgeons need scalpels, chefs need pans, and fashion designers need material, butchers need knives, and locksmiths need tools. Forget what you’ve seen in movies, hairpins aren’t for picking locks.

shy working on lockLocksmith work is a delicate process, and to do their jobs professionals used specialized equipment. They can be confusing, especially for those looking to start out in the trade. Nonetheless, there are five basic locksmith tools that any decent locksmith will always have handy.

The Plug Spinner
This is an essential tool that locksmiths need to revert locks. The plug spinner will rotate, lift, and move the plug to return it to its default position: unlocked. A locksmith knows the positioning required from various components of locks to effectively use a plug spinner.

Computerized Picks
Unfortunately, plug spinners aren’t always adequate for locks of a more complicated make up. In these instances, a locksmith will turn to the computerized picks. These can crack the more secure lock designs, like combination systems. Computerized picks are equipped with high tech features, and are designed to configure up to 6 disc and pin patterns.

Electric Pick Gun
The electric pick gun could be compared to a standard electric drill. However, these are small drills that use electricity to run. Just as drill bits can be changed, the size of the picks can be adjusted as required.

Key Extractor
This is another handy tool for locksmiths. In some cases, a key will snap in two, leaving part of the key wedged in the keyhole. In these cases, a locksmith will use a key extractor to remove the parts stuck in the cylinder.

Tension Wrenches
There are three different types of tension wrenches, and it’s according to the amount of pressure required: rigid, medium, and light. A good locksmith will carry all three of these, so they are prepared for any situation. So, what are they used for? To apply a controlled amount of turning pressure to get clear access to the shear line.

The tension wrench, key extractor, computerized pick, plug spinner, and electric pick gun are just the basic tools of a professional locksmith. There are plenty of other tools that a locksmith may use to repair, open, or install locks. Locksmith hammers, key cutters, deadbolt installation kits, router drills, and more. It’s vital to both the customer and the lock that the correct tools are used. Using improper tools can damage locks or doors, for both homes and vehicles. Any reputable locksmith considers the right tools to be an investment. Our reputations are built on the quality of work that we provide, which is why our tools are so vital to the work that we do. All of our technicians come ready with all of the necessary equipment to tackle any job, whether it’s a car lock out, repairing locks after a break in, or changing all of your locks.